Continuum: The Best Games You\’ve Never Played – 08/06/2012

Continuum: The Best Games You've Never Played
Friday, June 8, 2012
10:00pm - A discussion of board games you may not have played, with a panel of game nuts including Ben McKenzie. Part of the Continuum National Sci-Fi Convention. - All Ages Buy Tickets
701 Swanston Street
Carlton, VIC, Australia 3053
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Forget Monopoly, who’s up for some Tsuro? Bartok? Martian Coasters? Join us for a quick introduction to what’s out there and where to get it, after which we open our game-boxes so you can give something new a try.

A panel at Continuum 8, the 2012 Australian National Science Fiction Convention, with Alan Stewart, Hespa and Ben McKenzie.

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