I’ve been designing live games with Pop Up Playground since 2012, including creepy clowns game The Curse, choose-your-own-Shakespeare in #TrueRomansAll, app-assisted bike adventure 1000 Cities, the live-action bank heist experience Small Time Criminals and many more.

Currently I’m a writer and designer for a new VR videogame with Tin Man Games; I can’t wait to tell you more about it when it’s officially announced, but until then, I remain bound by the usual NDA.

I am also really interested in tabletop design, and below you can find some micro roleplaying games I’ve written, free to download and play. If you try them, please let me know!

Super Mega Battle Fight Time Go!

Super Mega Battle Fight Time Go! is a mini-RPG for a GM and 3 or more players. You play young adults suddenly gifted with the power to turn into masked superheroes, who must fight monsters – and the social challenges of being young adults! It’s inspired by Japanese tonkusatsu TV shows like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (aka Power Rangers).

Download Super Mega Battle Fight Time Go! (PDF, postcard-sized, 2 pages)

I wrote this tiny RPG as part of a challenge back in 2014 for the ConTessa D3 Microgame of Stupefying Wonder challenge. ConTessa is a women-led online gaming con, hosted on Google+. The restrictions for the challenge were that you could only need paper, pencils and a 3-sided dice, and that the whole game had to fit on a single postcard (though two sides were fine). The winning entry was “The Guild of Orpheus” from my friend and incredible RPG designer Grant Howitt; you should check out his games, they’re some of my all-time favourites.

A Mysterious Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension

A Mysterious Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension is a mini-RPG with no GM in which a group of friends all play different incarnations of a mysterious wanderer who fights for good across time and space, sometimes failing but being reincarnated until a final battle with a great Evil forces all of the incarnations to team up.

Download A Mysterious Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension (A5 PDF, two pages)

I think it’s pretty obvious what my influence is here! I have a bit of a fascination with breaking Doctor Who down into its essential parts and seeing what similar but very different things you can assemble from them; this game was my first attempt at doing so for others. It was originally an entry for ConTessa’s microgame challenge in 2014, but it wouldn’t fit in the space provided so I ended up shelving it and entering my other idea, Super Mega Battle Fight Time Go! I finished this version of the game a little later, with some helpful input from Grant Howitt and Patrick O’Duffy.

Even now it’s a bit squashed, and probably not quite finished; I’d love to give it a bit of polish. If you play it, please let me know what you think.

Dungeon Time bannerDungeon Time

Every adventurer has to start somwhere! Dungeon Time is a storytelling game workshop for kids who want to get into fantasy adventure roleplaying. It involves simple, easy-to-learn rules for generating your own dungeon-crawling adventures – without even needing a Dungeon Master!

I first ran a Dungeon Time workshop at ArtPlay for the 2017 Melbourne Writers’ Festival, and am hoping to run it again in future at other venues. If you – or your kids – have been to a workshop and would like to play some more, I’ve made the character sheet available below, though you can also just make your own using some blank paper.

Download Dungeon Time character sheet  (A5 PDF, one page)