The Anarchist Guild Social Committee – Farewell to Bella Union!


Featuring a selection of Australia’s finest comics, the Anarchist Guild Social Committee returns for one last night of exceptional sketch-comedy to farewell the venue where it all started, Bella Union!

Founded in 2008, the Anarchist Guild Social Committee was Melbourne’s hottest comedy event for two years, entertaining audiences across Australia with its unique mix of comedy, stupidity and fun.

Now, join award-winning comics and crowd-pleasers alike to say good bye to the beautiful Bella Union as part of their celebration of the past decade as they revisit classic sketches from their original run alongside all-new material.

Featuring the talents of Nick Caddaye, Kelly Fastuca, Tegan Higginbotham, Andrew McClellandRichard McKenzie, Ben McKenzie, Celia Pacquola and special guests galore!