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[singlepic id=9 w=200 h= float=left]There are some things everyone knows about science: All scientists wear lab coats. Something must be true if it’s “clinically proven.” A marketing campaign with a scientific message is clearly based on research and is therefore highly credible. Governments fund independent research so they can get unbiased scientific advice. Right?


Popular culture, marketing executives and the media have turned the greatest revolution in thinking in history into a package, a construct. They’ve turned it into pop music. Science = credibility, stability, cold hard truth… But that’s a lie. Science is a world view as well as a discipline, a way of life for those that embrace it, and properly understood it constantly challenges everything we know about everything. Science sticks it to The Man. Science isn’t pop. It’s rock.

Written and performed by Ben McKenzie and directed by Scott Gooding, Science-ology is the third Man in the Lab Coat show. He’s returned to put the rock back into rocket science.

Science-ology premiered at Glitch Bar + Cinema in the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and returned for a second season at the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival as part of the Comedy @ Trades program.


Science-ology Rocks! If you are a science geek, this is a must. This show is heaps of fun and full of lovely laughs. Ben is an experienced confident performer and a great storyteller. Highly recommended.’ – Lisa Clark, Groggy Squirrel issue 37

Rock n’ roll in a test tube. Exceedingly well prepared. McKenzie manages to cover complex subject matter without dumbing it down and ensures his audience is in for a full 60 mins of laughter and education.’ – Kate Nicholson, Buzzcuts

And about the return season in 2007:

‘Science has an unlikely new hero … he successfully sticks it to The Man in a vibrant, educational and funny show. With well-judged graphics and a neat turn of phrase, he keeps the audience involved to the end’ – Tim Richards, The Age

‘Ben invokes all the passion of the ‘rock stars’ of science…you want to march out on the street and fight for science. … Will certainly leave you wanting more (science that is).’ – Daniel Sheppard, The Groggy Squirrel

‘a one-hour journey fusing glam rock with science … subtle, intelligent and delightfully unpredictable … an impeccable sense of timing, a witty self-effacing humor and a presence on stage that commands your attention.’ – Brewster Hipik, The Pun

‘if science IS really rock and roll then this guy is the real life William Miller of science fans. 8/10’ – Dani Solomon, Funny Tone competitor


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