One festival over; next festival begin!

It’s been a stupendously (or perhaps stupidly) busy Melbourne International Comedy Festival for me, as evidenced by the list of eight nine shows in which I performed this year! I had this list on the front page, but now the festival is over it seems wise to move it to a post. Here’s a run down all in one place:

But now that festival is done, it’s time to look ahead to the next one: the 2012 Emerging Writers Festival begins on May 24, and the EWF events program – launched today – is chock full of great stuff! If you’d like to see me, I’m hosting the “Revenge of the Nerds” slide night at the Workers Club on May 30. A lovely line-up of writers will present pecha kucha style presentations (20 slides, auto-advancing every 20 seconds) about their inner nerds. I, of course, do not have an inner nerd; I’m at least 86% nerd, so if anything, I have an inner cool guy.