Ben reading live on stage

Below are some of the workshops I’ve developed and run for libraries, councils and other organisations and community groups. If you’d like me to run workshops on any of the below, please get in touch!

For creative writing workshops, please contact 100 Story Building.
For wellbeing workshops for young people, please contact SEED Workshops.

Games Workshops

Branching Out: Writing Branching Narrative Games with Twine – a beginner’s workshop for making non-linear text-based games with the free tool Twine. (See the Twine page for more!)

Dungeon Time – a fun workshop which combines drawing, storytelling and game design to create an easy-to-play roleplaying game you can play at home! This workshop can cater to ages 5-8, 9-12, teenagers or adults.

Pretending to Be an Elf – a beginner’s guide to playing roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons.

The Other Kind of Dungeon Master – a beginner’s guide to running roleplaying games as the “Dungeon Master”.

Definitely-Not-Bored Games – an introduction to modern boardgames. Covers everything from good games for beginners to picking the right games for your group and how to teach others to play them.

Conan the Librarian: Running Roleplaying Games in Public Institutions – a workshop for staff at libraries and other public organisations who want to support Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games in their spaces.

Other Workshops

Crowdfundamentals – a guide to the basics of running a crowdfunding campaign for artists and other creatives.

Podcasting 101 – how to plan and get started making your own independent podcast.

Social Media 101 – an introduction to professional social media for organisations or individuals, in conjunction with Anna Ahveninen.


Some of my previous talks are available online:

Ever Wanted to Rob a Bank? – the story behind the design and execution of Small Time Criminals, the hit live bank heist game created by Pop Up Playground. For Nerd Nite Melbourne.

I’ve spoken about several of my science heroes for The Laborastory; audio recordings are available via their Soundcloud account:

  • Mary Anning – palaeontologist responsible for many of the most important early dinosaur finds
  • Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood bombshell and inventor of a key technology still used in wi-fi
  • Veronica Megler – designer of one of the greatest early adventure games, The Hobbit