Twine is a brilliant, free and open source tool for making text-based branching narrative games, created by Chris Klimas. I use it a lot for prototyping other kinds of games, and I’ve also used it as a container for professional video workshops and interactive content.

I’ve decided to start publishing a few little games I’ve made using it, mostly very simple ones I use as examples in my Twine workshop, Branching Out. I’m hoping to write and add more, including some more sophisticated one, so keep an eye on this page!

Simple Twine Stories

  • Tram Story – a really short basic demo game, using the Chapbook story format.
  • The Crystal and the Key – a slightly more involved but still short fantasy story, with a few minor bells and whistles. Uses the Harlowe story format.
  • The Adventures of Kaos – a day in the life of my cat, Kaos. Also written in Harlowe, with a few minor tricks.