This is the internest of Ben McKenzie, Melbourne-based actor, comedian, writer, game designer and ginger. (He’s not the one on Gotham.)

Ben is best known for the time travel radio comedy Night Terrace (as heard on BBC radio), VR game Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown with Tin Man Games, and monthly podcast Pratchat (a Terry Pratchett book club). His favourite element is helium, and his favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus.


For You Chose Poorly (2019):

‘Comedy that makes you think’ – ArtsHub

For Small Time Criminals (2016-2017):

‘a wonderful experience … such a delight’SmartArts, RRR
‘fun beyond belief’The Plus Ones

For Night Terrace (2014-):

” – The Guardian, 2019
‘halfway through the first episode I was very much hooked … McKenzie is excellent’
Myron My, My About Town blog

For Ben McKenzie is Uncool (2014):

‘radiates warmth and inclusiveness … very funny’ – Noel Kelso, Squirrel Comedy
‘gentle and whimsical, but certainly no slouch in the laughs department’ – Lynette Walker, Herald-Sun
‘nerd heaven’Jess Welch, YAWP Comedy Magazine
‘all killer, no filler’Heckler

For The Peer Revue (2012):

‘Geek comedy’s patron saint … erudite and charming … laughing WITH ADDED LEARNING!’Lisa Dib, T-Squat
‘hilarious … a ripper of a show’ – Jessica Barlow, The Pun

For Dungeon Crawl (2010-):

‘Bizarre, random, frequently hilarious’Matt Smith, Laugh Track (Crikey’s comedy blog)
‘very charming and frequently hilarious – 9/10′Liam Pieper, RHUM

For A Record or an OBE (2007, 2008):

‘beautifully played with lots of skilful dialogue’ – Independent Weekly, Adelaide (February 2008)

For Science-ology (2007):

‘smart, funny and educational’ –  The Age (April 2007)

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