Ben loves games! So during the 2018 Comedy Festival, he gathered a few of his favourite comedians together to play – and you were invited! (He hopes you came along.)

For six nights only over the Easter and second festival weekends, Ben and guests played games from his collection while bantering about comedy, games and whatever else came up. Plus – for one night only on April 7 – he and Richard McKenzie brought back DUNGEON CRAWL! (It was great, you should have been there.)

Ben also created Ben McKenzie’s Late Night Games Night: The Board Game!
If you’d like a copy – or if you’re looking for alternate final challenges – check out the games page.

And you should also definitely check out the Comedy Clue Caper while the Festival is still on…

Easter Weekend:
Thursday, 29 March @ 11 PM with PickUp and Kelly Fastuca; featured game: Spyfall
Friday, 30 March @ 11 PM with Clara Cupcakes and Scott Edgar; featured game: Love Letter
Saturday, 31 March @ 11 PM with Lisa-Skye and Petra Elliott; featured game: Billionaire Banshee
Sunday, 1 April @ 11 PM with Jimmy James Eaton and Toby Halligan; featured game: Snake Oil

Second Weekend:
Friday, 6 April @ 11 PM with Louisa Fitzhardinge, Matt Hofmann and Toby Halligan;
featured game: 
Bring Your Own Book
Saturday, 7 April @ 11 PM – DUNGEON CRAWL with Richard McKenzie!
Dungeon Crawl players: Brianna Williams, Jimmy James Eaton and Amanda Buckley!