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My favourite equation is Fermat’s Last Theorem: I’ve lost track of who solved the problem and when, but I love the history and drama that surrounds it. My favourite mathematical proof (far less controversial) is of differentiation from first principles. The satisfaction of proving it to myself was something I’ll never forget. I’ve also talked about maths, albeit in quite a naive way, right here in this blog.

Which is all just my way of connecting to Simon Pampena and his Maths Olympics. This is the kind of blood-pumping, spine-tingling, juices-flowing passion that I love to see on stage, and maths is no less deserving of such an honour than anything else. Much more deserving, really!

So yeah. I saw the show tonight and it was fantastic. Simon gives it his all up there, all the more impressive when you realise he’s nearly at the end of a Science Week tour that has taken him to every corner of our country. And he’s not done! If you’re in Brisbane, get fired up because the Maths Olympics are coming your way on Friday, August 29. Check out his site and the Science Week web site for details!

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  1. Destructor says:

    Aiden and I were watching Star Trek the other day and Picard was banging on to Riker about how fascinating Fermat’s last theorem was and how it hadn’t been solved in 700 years- the writers must have felt pretty silly when it was solved a few years after the episode aired. I just wish that in later seasons Riker had come into Picard’s office and said: “You know, I looked up Fermat’s theorem, and it turns out it WAS solved…400 years ago!” and Picard would look all embarassed and it would be awesome.

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