The Big Pterodactyl?

There are times when you’re struck with something so bizarre that nothing makes sense; reason is turned upside down and wonder and confusion take the reigns of your destiny. So it was when, on the way back from Dubbo with my beloved, I spotted this statue of a pterosaur in a field.

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There was no sign proclaiming Dubbo to be the home of “the Big Pterodactyl” (which would no doubt be its name if it had one, though like most popular representations of pterosaurs, this one has the classic Pteranadon head crest), nor were there any other nearby monsters. There was just this guy, who more resembles Rodan (the Godzilla monster, not the much smaller Port Adelaide footballer) than any actual prehistoric flying reptile.

There’s something very charming about this statue – it’s very old school, almost Crystal Palace-like in its chunky, heavy design – but at the same time it seems somehow…sinister. So far I’ve not been able to find any information about its origins or fate. Was there once a dinosaur park in Dubbo? Was there a tourist attraction here? Perhaps its the last remnants of some obscure cult, and obscene sacrifices were made in its name?

This might not be science, but there are few things the Man in the Lab Coat enjoys more than finding answers. I’ll let you know how I get on!


  1. Dubbo-ite says:

    This is a part of the park owned by the Ryan family – John Ryan is a reporter for WIN news here in the Central West and his parents live on the property.
    Up on the hill further towards Parkes you will see a tin fence under some trees and this has a traditional dinosaur looking over the fence at you – easily visible from the road. I believe that theere may be a couple of others lurking around in the bushes… 🙂 hope this helps. I agree he is a little scary as a welcoming statue at the gate!!!

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Lynton! You can find my email address on the contacts page. I’ve been doing some digging,and it seems the dinosaur park was a “Jurassic-themed maze” which was part of the Dubbo Military Museum, and purchased second hand from a place in Darling Harbour. I’m still trying to discover what happened to the rest of it – I think the Military Museum closed down about 2 years ago. If you find out any more info, let me know!

    I found the pterodactyl on the Newell Highway, just past the corner of Camp Road as you head towards Parkes. I think I’ve found the spot on Google maps; I’ll post a link when I have some more info!

  3. Lynton says:

    Hi Ben

    Your blog found its way to me via a ‘dubbo’ Google blog alert – there was once a dinosaur theme park in Dubbo. No, seriously.

    What’s your email address? I’d love to know where about this pterodactyl actually is – I’ve never seen it.

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