200 Word RPG 2018

This is a yearly contest for roleplaying games which…well, it does what it says on the tin. I’ve had a few ideas over the last few years but this is the first one I’ve written and submitted. Note that entries are submitted in plaintext, so there’s no fancy formatting below.

Seekers of the Light

You are chosen to lead Mothkind to salvation in the Holy Light: find a safe path to the Moon free of tongue, beak and web.

Choose Moth type:

1 – GOAT MOTH. Tiny but dignified. +1 MAJESTY, +1 FLUTTERY
2 – BOGONG MOTH. Big and surprising. +1 FLUTTERY, +1 TENACITY
3 – CLOTHES MOTH. Learned and fearless. +1 MYSTERY, +1 TENACITY
5 – DEATH’S-HEAD MOTH. Frightening and loud. +1 MYSTERY, +1 MAJESTY
6 – PEPPERED MOTH. Wise and sneaky. +1 MYSTERY, +1 FLUTTERY

Stats are 0 or +1 as above; add +1 to one.

Your first obstacle is convincing your mates to let you go.

Take turns; tell your story, then roll D6 plus stat:

MAJESTY – dealings with moths, friendly insects
MYSTERY – non-insect knowledge
TENACITY – braving danger head-on
FLUTTERY – fleeing or evading

Record the result:

1-4 – obstacle persists. Pass obstacle to the next player.
5+ – bypass the obstacle. Create new obstacle for the next player.

Keep a running total of all rolls; when it equals or exceeds 10 x the number of players, you all perish before finding the Moon. Describe what legend of your attempt survives for Mothkind.