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Ben McKenzie is uncool. He hasn’t seen the latest films, doesn’t listen to the popular music (let alone the cool stuff no-one’s ever heard of), and he doesn’t adopt that aloof, “yeah whatever” stance that shows how cool “cool people” are. Instead, he loves all kinds of nerdy, dorky stuff: Dungeons & Dragons, science, feminism, flared trousers, red hair…

Why be ashamed of it? Who decides what’s cool, anyway?

After seven years of collaborative comedy, Ben returned to solo stand-up in 2014 to challenge the rule of “cool”.

“My research indicates that being cool is about mocking what’s uncool,” says Ben. “I like to celebrate stuff I think is important and amazing. That’s what I love about geek culture: it makes passion a virtue. It’s not about “you can’t be in our club”, it’s about “OMG LOOK AT THIS IT’S SO AWESOME”.”

Reviews for Ben McKenzie is Uncool:

‘McKenzie radiates warmth and inclusiveness … the audience were held rapt by his every word … This is a very funny show from a very professional performer’ – Noel Kelso, Squirrel Comedy, 31 March 2014

‘McKenzie’s brand of comedy is gentle and whimsical, but certainly no slouch in the laughs department, and is lapped up by the audience’ – Lynette Walker, Herald-Sun, 31 March 2014

‘It’s nerd heaven.’ – Jess Welch, YAWP Comedy Magazine, 1 April 2014

‘McKenzie’s timing and demeanour are what make his observational comedy so great … as a cool person might say, it’s all killer, no filler.’Heckler, 4 April 2014

Previous praise for Ben McKenzie:

‘Geek comedy’s patron saint’ – T-Squat Magazine
‘No Carol Vorderman to look at, but considerably funnier’  – The Herald-Sun

The premiere season of Ben McKenzie is Uncool took place at The Provincial Hotel in Fitzroy as part of the inaugural “Comedy at the Provincial” program for the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Ben McKenzie in Ben McKenzie is Uncool

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