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Punraiser and Melbourne Fringe

Arr, hello again, fellow scienticians. I hope ye be enjoying the fun o’ talk like a pirate day! (See http://www.talklikeapirate.com for more on this…phenomenon. It’s the official holiday of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, don’t you know!)

It’s been a busy few weeks at Lab Coat central, not least because the Man has launched a new venture: his own theatre company, Shaolin Punk. It’s first play, written by Ben, will be performed in the Melbourne Fringe Festival this October, so check it out!

And, though it’s late notice as usual, Ben will be appearing tonight at Punraiser, a fund raising event in support of this year’s RMIT Fine Arts graduate photography exhibition. It’s only $12, and it’s at Roxanne Parlour in the city (see the link for more details).

Keep your ear to the ground (and your eyes on the horizon, arrr!) for more Man in the Lab Coat news soon – including the long awaited launch of the new web site, complete with blog.

Yer scurvy knave,