Evolutionary review!

scored a very favourable review in the April issue of the AEU Journal SA (Vol. 38, No. 2):

Evolutionary: The Man in the Lab Coat Evolved
Ben McKenzie

The erudite science communicator serving up their subject with passion and humour has a long and honourable lineage both in and out of the classroom, and Ben McKenzie, aka the Man in the Lab Coat, does not let the side down.

In his Adelaide Fringe show ‘Evolutionary’ downstairs in the Lizard Lounge on Hindley Street, this “amateur scientician” led us through the story of life on Earth, cramming billions of years, into an hour or so.

For him, it is the ultimate ‘Survivor’, where the winning contestants’ kids get to come back for the next episode. He also takes us on excursions into the life of Charles Darwin and the follies of the Creationists in their many mutations.

With a minimum of props – the blackboard, lectern, Cheezels and lab coat – and a warm and spirited delivery, Ben entertained and educated without dumbing down a fascinating and complex subject. And as a bonus, we had a few laughs, and a few humbling insights, on the journey.

Bookmark his web site https://benmckenzie.com.au, and catch his next show if you get a chance. Maybe bring your class along.
Jonathan Goodfield