The Age review

I won’t pretend I’m not excited to have my first ever Age review, especially when it tells the world that Science-ology “successfully sticks it to The Man in a vibrant, educational and funny show”.

Just for the record: yes, I was uncool, geeky and bullied in primary school – Craig Wellington (of Wellington Who, which is awesome – go see it) had it easy when the kids called him Doctor, they called me “Doctor Who freak” and chased me across the playground, mockingly chanting the chorus from “Doctorin’ the TARDIS”. By the end of High School, however, I was totally cool. I’d starred in the most popular school play ever, won a bunch of Eisteddfod prizes for the school, and – as part of our farewell year 12 extravaganza – played my first rock gig with a student band, singing Spiderbait’s “Old Man Sam” to a packed assembly hall. We rocked.