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Last days for the Melbourne Museum tour

The Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour finishes this week, and after some of the great reviews we’ve had from The Groggy Squirrel and UK comedy site Chortle, our last two nights are sure to be a great success. So come on down! Tonight, Ben McKenzie, Bec Hill and Sue-Ann Post will be your guides, and on Friday, Ben and Bec will instead be joined by Kent Valentine.

It’s the last days too for A Record or an OBE, the what if play about hit 70s British comedy group The Goodies. OBE plays this Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of April, and then every night next week until the 13th of April, with no show on Monday; there are also plans for a late show at 11 PM on Friday, April 11th; watch Shaolin Punk for details!

It’s the end – but the moment has been prepared for…

Yes, the Comedy Festival is over, and so is . For now, at least. The Man would like to thank everyone who made Science-ology possible, including Lynn, Cath, Keiran, both Emmas, Neil, Fifi, Paul, Emily and everyone else at Comedy @ Trades, Scott Gooding, Melanie Kerr and a bunch of other people who are too numerous to mention.

Until the Man returns (and it’ll happen soon), you can relive the glory and the passion by reading these reviews, even the bad one (as a scientician, I must be fair and present all the evidence).

  • The AgeTim Richards from The Age rather enjoyed Science-ology.
  • The Groggy Squirrel – the Squirrel reviewed Science-ology in both its incarnations: Lisa Clark saw it during the 2006 Fringe Festival, and Daniel Sheppard saw it in the Comedy Festival this year.
  • The Funny Tonne – in their bid to see as many MICF shows as possible, both Dani and Nathanael saw and reviewed Science-ology, and both gave it 8 out of 10!
  • The Pun – the annual comedy review magazine, distributed for free during the Festival, sent Brewster Hipik along to Science-ology.
  • Chortle – for an opposing view to those above, check out Steve Bennet’s review for the UK-based comedy web site, Chortle.

The Age review

I won’t pretend I’m not excited to have my first ever Age review, especially when it tells the world that Science-ology “successfully sticks it to The Man in a vibrant, educational and funny show”.

Just for the record: yes, I was uncool, geeky and bullied in primary school – Craig Wellington (of Wellington Who, which is awesome – go see it) had it easy when the kids called him Doctor, they called me “Doctor Who freak” and chased me across the playground, mockingly chanting the chorus from “Doctorin’ the TARDIS”. By the end of High School, however, I was totally cool. I’d starred in the most popular school play ever, won a bunch of Eisteddfod prizes for the school, and – as part of our farewell year 12 extravaganza – played my first rock gig with a student band, singing Spiderbait’s “Old Man Sam” to a packed assembly hall. We rocked.

Reviews, giveaways and improvised excellence

More buzz about : one of the hardy souls participating in the Funny Tonne (where the contestants try to see 100 Festival shows) gave the show 8 out of 10. Also the very lovely Edward Yates came to see the show, and you can read his thoughts about it in his blog, the wells of fancy.

If you’d like to see Science-ology on Friday the 13th (spooky!), arts web site The Program are giving away three double-passes for every show in my venue, the Banner Room (aka the TARDIS) at Comedy @ Trades! Check out this awesome giveaway here.

The Crew‘s Instant Order: Trial by Audience opened last night, and you can catch Ben in this improvised murder trial tonight at Glitch Bar + Cinema in St. George’s Road, Fitzroy North. And don’t forget to check out the other Crew shows: Classic Impro Sundae at the Comic’s Lounge, and Instant Musical Odyssey at Laundry, as part of Triple Trouble.

Hot off the press!

Happy birthday to me! What could be a better birthday present than being on stage in my first ever Comedy Festival? Well, not much. The show opened with a bang on Wednesday, and now the first press has appeared.

There’s a brief mention in “Hail the stage for the wackier wackos“, an article in The Age about Comedy @ Trades, and the Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne’s online comedy magazine, has posted the first review.

Watch out for more Man in the Lab Coat, with an interview in Inpress, and some more reviews later this week.