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The Age review

I won’t pretend I’m not excited to have my first ever Age review, especially when it tells the world that Science-ology “successfully sticks it to The Man in a vibrant, educational and funny show”.

Just for the record: yes, I was uncool, geeky and bullied in primary school – Craig Wellington (of Wellington Who, which is awesome – go see it) had it easy when the kids called him Doctor, they called me “Doctor Who freak” and chased me across the playground, mockingly chanting the chorus from “Doctorin’ the TARDIS”. By the end of High School, however, I was totally cool. I’d starred in the most popular school play ever, won a bunch of Eisteddfod prizes for the school, and – as part of our farewell year 12 extravaganza – played my first rock gig with a student band, singing Spiderbait’s “Old Man Sam” to a packed assembly hall. We rocked.

Hot off the press!

Happy birthday to me! What could be a better birthday present than being on stage in my first ever Comedy Festival? Well, not much. The show opened with a bang on Wednesday, and now the first press has appeared.

There’s a brief mention in “Hail the stage for the wackier wackos“, an article in The Age about Comedy @ Trades, and the Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne’s online comedy magazine, has posted the first review.

Watch out for more Man in the Lab Coat, with an interview in Inpress, and some more reviews later this week.

the Man in the Lab Coat is everywhere…

As well as performing , and appearing in Impro Sundae, Instant Order: Trial by Audience and Triple Trouble with the Crew, Ben is also caught mid-applause in a photo on the box of the special Comedy Festival edition deck of Bar Secrets cards, revealing all the best venues and post-show hangouts. If you’ve always wanted a scientician in your pocket, now’s your chance.

A second opinion

Science-ology may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’ve nothing to say! Check out the new review over at Buzzcuts. Here’s an excerpt:

“…rock n’ roll in a test tube. … Conducted lecture style with visuals, this university has been exceedingly well prepared. … Science-ology is the third Man in the Lab Coat show and now I wish I’d seen the first two. McKenzie manages to cover complex subject matter without dumbing it down and ensures his audience is in for a full 60 mins of laughter and education.” – Kate Nicholson, Buzzcuts

Don’t despair if you missed the show; Science-ology will be back. Watch this space (and the soon to be improved benmckenzie.com.au) for info.