Ben is an experienced comedian, MC, speaker, actor, voice artist and presenter. If you would like to book him for an event or project, get in touch with him via the Contact page.

Comedian, Host and Speaker

Ben has hosted various corporate, charity, arts and science events, including conferences, conventions, award functions and celebrations, as well as self-produced events including monthly impro show Dungeon Crawl with Richard McKenzie, and one-off events like The Game Gameshow with Lawrence Leung at the State Library of Victoria. He has also been a moderator and participant on panels at the Emerging Writers Festival, Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Science Rewired, Cherchez la Femme, Melbourne Writers Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival and many more.

Ben also designs and hosts a variety of games for adults with his company, Pop Up Playground Inc. If you’re interested in having games at a function or as a corporate training exercise, please send an email to

Actor and Presenter

Ben has appeared on stage and screen, most recently in The Bazura Project on ABC2 and Woodley on ABC1. He was previously a writer and presenter on the Channel 31 program Planet Nerd, hosted the “Under Ben’s Hat” segment on the television podcast Boxcutters, and is one of the hosts of Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps.


Ben has experience in narration, voice acting and prose reading. He’s an experience cold reader and can deliver a quality read first time. You can listen to some samples of his work below.


Ben specialises in bringing a geeky, comedic slant to serious subjects, as illustrated by his piece “What Makes A Wizard?”, in which he explains simple heredity genetics using Harry Potter as an example. “What Makes a Wizard?” was published in the Vignette Press journal Geek Mook in 2012. Ben is also a published game designer, contributing work for the independent roleplaying game Our Last Best Hope, published by Magpie Games.

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