Shaolin Punk and The Royal Society of Victoria

A Brief History of A Brief History of Time

You don’t need 12 honorary degrees and a PhD to understand life, the universe and everything!

The “Man in the Lab Coat”, scientician and Graeme Garden look-a-like Ben McKenzie (Not the Nobel Prize, Planet Nerd, Science-ology), presented this comedy lecture revealing the secrets of the science book everyone owns, but no-one’s read. If you never thought of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time as a comedy, now’s the time to learn.

Presented to celebrate the book’s twentieth anniversary as an event for Science Week 2008,  A Brief History of A Brief History of Time was an hour of high-energy, fast-paced cosmology, relativity, particle physics and quantum theory. It was made possible by the generous assistance of the Victorian Science Week Committee and The Royal Society of Victoria.

The original performances were at the The Royal Society of Victoria’s Historic Theatre from Friday, August 22 to Sunday, August 24.

Ben presented a heavily condensed version in 15 minutes as part of 2012’s science comedy show, The Peer Revue.